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BLOG TOUR: Light by Amber Lacie


Shadows are surrounding Theron burying him in their darkness. Despair and hatred cling to him. His only thoughts are of Eve and vengeance… 
Eve desperately tries to save Theron from the path he is on, but secrets are kept. When evil starts to surround them, intent on destroying them, Eve runs into trouble… 
Theron’s world shatters around him, but he’s not giving up without a fight… 
Can Theron and Eve find Light among the Shadows? Or will evil win? 




The fans of Amber Lacie sat down with Amber, Theron, and Eve for an interview. One brave fan even went to Thomas' office to ask him a question.
(do NOT continue to read if you havent read Shadows. If you haven't what are youo waiting for click here to buy it now.)

Fans: What are Eve and Theron’s favorite colors?
Eve: “I don’t know. I really like dark purples, but the lavender in our bedroom is really pretty. So I guess any shade of purple would work.”
Theron: “Orange.”

Fans: When did Theron stop being self-conscious of his eye colors and stop wearing sunglasses?
Theron: “After my mom died and my dad sent me off to school, I gave up on everything. Nothing anyone said made any difference to me anymore. I didn’t even want to exist. After a while the kids at my school figured out the comments didn’t bother me. In college I actually got complimented a lot. So unless it was sunny out I had no reason to hide.”

Fans: How did Theron come to love Eve so deeply at a young age?
Eve: “Oh, I want to know too.”
Theron: “She never questioned who I was. She saved me. She’s my beautiful.”

Fans: Will Theron’s reasons for leaving Eve be explained in Light?
Amber Lacie: You’ll have to read Light to find out. ;)

Fans: When did Theron find Eve again? How long was he watching her?
Theron: “I never actually lost her. I may have tried to push her away, but she was always with me. Persistent in making me focus on what I was supposed to do with my life. It’s odd how roads twist and turn. She’s the only person that I kept going back to. I knew I needed her. Now, you want to know how long I was watching her? I plead the fifth. She’s right next to me and I don’t feel like suffering through an arm punch right now.”
Eve: “I love you. We’ll talk about this later”

Fans: What was the inspiration for Eve and Theron’s story?
Amber Lacie: “I love to people watch. It’s a bad habit of mine. I tend to create mini stories or wonder where people have come from, where they are going, etc. I was sitting on the beach and I noticed some kids playing in the water. At the same time a couple walked hand in hand right past them who looked ridiculously similar to the kids playing. So…Theron and Eve’s story grew from there.”

Fans: What did Eve think/how did she feel about Theron when they interacted as kids? Did she know his name then? Theron is not a common name…one you might remember. 
Eve: “I didn’t know his name because he wouldn’t tell me. I knew my heart jumped when I was near him and felt compelled to protect him whenever Kayla would give him a hard time. It’s too hard to talk about without bringing up Matt. It’s been years, but it still stings. I was watching the snow fall outside the library windows the other day and my heart stopped still in my chest. It caught me off guard for a second. Winters were tarnished and so were my memories of the beach for a while. I’m okay though. I like to listen to Theron’s version of when we were little. It sounds more like a fairytale. I’m not even sure if I answered your question.”

Fans: Theron…seriously, dude…a freaking note? That’s how you decide to leave the love of your life? I’m so mad at you!
Eve: Feel free to explain this one Theron, the floor is yours.
Theron: Fuck. I knew this was coming. Look, I wasn’t thinking right. I thought I was protecting her. I knew if I told her in person or even talked to her on the phone I would back out. I wouldn’t be able to walk away from her, but it was obvious to me I was hurting her. I couldn’t stand by loving her with everything I have to offer and still hurt her in the process. I didn’t think she loved me like I needed her to. She needed to heal from everything with Matt.
Eve: Bullshit excuse if you ask me. It was fucking note! Who the hell does that? (Taking a deep breath) Sorry. I’m sorry. I forgive you. We’ve moved past it. I’m letting it go.
Theron: I’ve apologized a million times over. Beautiful, I love you. After we are done with this interview why don’t we go home. I’ll run you a bath.
Eve: Okay.

Fans: Amber, does your husband read your books?
Amber: No. He’s not a big reader. I had to really push him to read Hunger Games. I think that was the first series of books he’s ever finished. He says he will one day, but I’m not holding my breath. 

Fans: For Theron, Eve, and Amber what is your all-time favorite song?
Amber: “That’s easy. Three am by Matchbox 20.”
Eve: “Hmmm. I’m a huge Adele fan. So maybe Rolling in the deep?”
Theron: “My favorite band is Simply Three. The one song I tend to play over and over is Take me to Church. They cover Hozier’s song. I love the melody to it, it clears my head. Eve is my church. (Laughing) God, Evan would roll his eyes at me if he heard me say that.”

Fans: Theron and Eve, pick a song that reminds you of the each other and explain why.
Eve: “Easy. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. I’ve loved Theron since I can remember. Just the touch of his hand sends my body and mind spinning. I’ll love him until the die I die and for a million years after that.”
Theron: “All of Me by John Legend. She owns me. This crazy beautiful girl let me keep her. Everything I am, everything I want to be, everything I live for her is because of her. She’s my person.”

At this point one brave fan left to go to ask this question is for Thomas. Why all the hatred towards Theron? You don’t honestly believe he killed his mother, do you?
Thomas: “I have enough shit to deal with and you interrupt me for this? He was nothing, but a fucking leach sucking the life out of every person he touched. He ruined my life. He took everything from me. If I could do it all again, he wouldn’t be born. He’s an ungrateful little shit. Everything I’ve done for him and he sends you in here to question me? Get the fuck out of my office. Get. The. Fuck. Out. Now!”
(Please note the brave fan left immediately and no further contact with Thomas was made) 

Music that helped the story come to life:

Ed Sheeran's album Multiply

3 am by Matchbox 20

Simply Three

Maroon 5




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