Monday, August 8, 2011

Lovesick by Jake Coburn

Lovesick by Jake Coburn
Paperback, 228
Penguin US

Ted's drunk-driving accident has ruined his life. it cost him his basketball scholarship, ended his plans for college, and forced him into AA. but just when ted has resigned himself to his new life, Michael appears. the wealthy father of a bulimic Manhattan rich girl has a tempting proposition. He has agreed to pay for ted's college tuition, but there's one catch. ted has to secretly keep tabs on his benefactor's daughter, erica. A seemingly simple task, with only one minor problem: Ted never expected to fall in love.


The back of this book told me I had to read it. However, it did not tell me the writing style. I did quite enjoy the story line. It was just really hard to read because of the writing style.

I typically don't have an issue reading books with emails, text messages and instant messenger conversations. I find them easier to read however, this book was different. They didn't seem to be needed.
I think the context of this book is a very good context on drinking and driving, lying, and scandals. I just couldn't read it because of the way it was written. It seem to take me forever to read it.


  1. umm what happens in the end? or what happens when her dad finds out about their love?? answer asap plzz

    1. he never does find out. the book just end with erica and ted metting after a long time apart.

  2. I think there should be another book after love sick. Its a great book and i love that it bring real issues to the table and makes everyone think about what they try to ignore but i think there should be a book after telling what happens to them :) i think everyone would benefit from that.


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