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On The Edge by V.E. Avance

On The Edge by V.E. Avance
Self Published by V.E. Avance
March 31, 2014
Kindle Edition
Estimated 278 pages
YA Fiction/ Romantic Suspense

Abigail Wilkinson is a high school senior who falls in love with bad-boy, Tommy Jackson. Tommy seemed like a great catch for the sweet and innocent Abigail, but things are not always as they seem. Tommy becomes possessive and controlling with each passing week of their relationship before becoming violent and demanding. To complicate matters, her brother’s friend, Jason Williamson, professes his love for her but life isn’t as simple as leaving Tommy for Jason. Decisions and circumstances leave Abby’s life on the edge of no return.


                  This was V.E. Avance's debut novel. So don't be shocked if you haven't heard of her yet. V.E. Avance is a survivor of domestic abuse. I am sharing this because that is what this novel tackles. It is always a touchy subject to tackle but I fully believe that because she has been through it before it helped her write a novel that really opens your eyes to the subject.  Before I get to my actual review I want to add if you are a mother, father or teacher or whoever you may be and have a teenager or child starting to adventure into the dating I suggest reading this with them. It allows you to see things differently and may help them out if they ever find themselves in an abusive situation. Always remember there are numbers you can call for help. They are 1-800-799-7233 for the national domestic abuse hotline and of course 911.

      The best part of this book was being able to really feel what Abigail was feeling. I love when authors give you enough details to live it but not to much. I was falling for Tommy as fast and hard as Abigail was. At the same time I was like Abigail's friends telling her to get out. I love how V.E. Avance throws in a curveball with the abuse. I am not going to reveal this curveball you have to read it to experience it. However, this curveball is not an unrealistic one. It happens to hundreds of people daily and makes leaving even harder.

     With that being said seeing and feeling what Abigail felt dealing with that made the story that much more real but wait V.E. Avance threw in 2 more curveballs. That just left you wanting to read on and on. I didn't want to stop reading because I had to know what happened next. I loved how she threw in what I consider to be an ackward real life situation where Abigail's brother, Mike,  begins dating Abigail's best friend, Katherine. Then you have Mike's best friend, Jason, the one who has always had a thing for Abigail yet she has never realized it until now.

     Adding that love triangle twist just gives the story that much more of an attraction to keep reading. I honestly kept thinking to myself "what's going to happen when Tommy realizes Jason's feelings for Abigail?" I even at one point thought "come on you two get into a fight already you can feel the tension."

    This novel tackles domestic abuse brilliantly in my eyes. Especially, if you are wanting to have a young one read it. It has loads of curveballs and absolutely just one thing you will hate is the CLIFFHANGER ending. Oh well, just makes you anticipate book number 2 coming out this year (2014) even more.

Rating: 4/5

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