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Perception by Nicole Edwards, Club Destiny #6

Perception by Nicole Edwards (Club Destiny #6)
SL Independent Publishing, LLC
April 1, 2014
Kindle Edition
Estimated 490 Pages
Erotic Romance

Xander and Mercedes both know firsthand what it feels like to be in total control. The question is... who really holds all of the power?

Xander Boone has never had a problem going after what he wants. In fact, he has built his life around doing just that. And he has a rather impressive track record. But Xander finds himself up against his biggest challenge yet. As fate would have it, Xander’s greatest desire is a woman who has always been off limits to him. One he wants more than his next breath. Nothing about her is easy, but then again, things that are worth it never are. So, when the perfect opportunity presents itself, Xander knows it’s time to call in a favor. Mercedes Bryant believes there is only one way to do something. She also knows what Xander wants isn’t possible. But she‘s about to learn that you shouldn’t always believe what you think you see. And Xander is going to be the one to teach her that lesson.


            Nicole did it again. Wrote an amazing Club Destiny novel. I loved finally being able to have Mercedes introduced into the series. I loved seeing how Xander went after the missing puzzle piece to his life, Mercedes. I was especially thrilled to see Club Destiny get a new element to it, BDSM. It was hardcore BDSM but just enough to spice things up for Club Destiny.

        As always, I love the details that Nicole puts into all her characters. You can truly picture them in your head as who you would want to play them in a movie or just whoever. Xander and Mercedes are by my favorite couple from all the books. Xander has all the right qualities for his character- successful, persistent, kind, well-dress and of course DOMINANT. Then you have Mercedes who was as well successful, gave off the dominant side but she was a little "insecure" with herself and maybe a bit broken from her past. That doesn't mean it stopped Xander. I fully believe that would be something that drove him more to her.

     The dynamics between Mercedes and Xander were amazing. I loved how realistic they were. In every day normal life I've seen to dominant personalities get together but not without butting heads or pushing buttons. It's only thing I hate about some books, two people of the same personality don't always just mesh together.

     As always when it came to the sexual content of the novel Nicole didn't fail to deliver those page burning scenes. Especially, when she added the element of BDSM. She did it in a fashion that someone who really dislikes reading BDSM books would be able to handle. It wasn't always just straight forward dominant and submissive with Mercedes and Xander, there was emotion added in the mix. Which to me was a huge plus because let's face it doing the same sexual act/elements all the time get boring and when you are a new couple you have that spice in your sex life that has you wanting the different aspects.

     Like I stated before Nicole did it again wrote a novel that has you on the edge of your seat with the pages burning between your fingers, or in my case the tablet burning under my fingers.

Rating: 4/5

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