Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jade (Special Operations Command book 2) by S. Reynolds

Jade (Special Operations Command book 2) by  S. Reynolds

WARNING* Due to language, sexual content, this book is intended for readers of the age 18+ 

Jade Conner is taking a big risk, working undercover as a drug buyer. His team is desperately trying to intercept and stop the importation of a wicked new drug into South Florida. In the middle of a buy, he meets a young woman, who seems utterly out of place. 

Alli Reed is helplessly trapped, having foolishly made the wrong choice. Now, she must deliver the drugs or die.Worse, she's the sister of one of the team members: the case just took the worst possible turn!

was given this arc for an honest review and I would have to give this a really great review as it was a book that I could not for the life of me put down! If you thought the first book was good, you should read this one. This one was just as good as the first one if not better. When you read it you are actually brought into the depth of the characters. You get to have a feel of what is going on in Jade's life. It was a great job of getting you into the book. When you read about Jade and what is happening, you actually then get a look into Jaxon life as you get to meet his sister. You don't really hear much about any of their families in the first book, but in the second book you do get to hear more about the families. You also get to see what they are doing post CIA. In the point of view of the characters, you get to see what they are actually looking at. The author did a great job in doing research about what was written in the book. There is not one part of the book that you would get lost in and it does not trail off at all into other parts. These guys have a huge impact on what you think about and who you would really like to have in your life. The guys go through a lot and you can tell by the way they act in what their lives depend on, and that is protecting other people. Even though they are ex military, ex CIA, they still want to protect the American people. They still want to keep people safe even if they do not know they people or what kind of situation they might be getting into. These guys are even someone that I would love to see in my life. Great job on the writing and keep up with it. Hopefully their will be more books by this author that will go with this series. I want to know what happens to the other guys and about the families. Because where she left it off bring you to the point of wondering what was not said at the end when they finally got together at the end of the book. Great read, will recommend to all to read this book.

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