Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sex Unlimited: Volume 1 (The Unlimited Series)

Sex Unlimited: Volume 1 (The Unlimited Series)
Self Published by Kathryn Perez
June 24, 2014
Kindle Edition
14,000 words

**Not suitable for readers under the age of 18 due to descriptive sexual content***

One email set my life on an unexpected path...

Dear Candace,

I’m sure you’re getting flooded with messages, but I wanted to attempt to stand out among the rest and just get right to the point. I won’t attempt to woo you in a message. I won’t try to impress you with boastful words. If you're on this site for mind-blowing sex, and a lot of it, then I would venture to say that trying to impress you with well worded niceties is of no value. Instead, I’ll tell you what I’m looking for and if you're looking for something similar then I look forward to your reply.

I like to f*ck. Hard. I like to f*ck slowly. I also enjoy making love. I like to be pleasured. I love to give pleasure. I like to laugh. I like to make others laugh. I love the female body and testing its limits. I love a lover who will explore new things without shame or embarrassment. I want to make a woman come so hard and in so many ways that her body designs its own special language just for mine.
I hope to possibly learn what you like, too.

Brisban C.

My reply will change everything I thought I knew about SEX.

SEX Unlimited Volume 1: Available Now
SEX Unlimited Volume 2: Coming July 2014
SEX Unlimited Volume 3: Coming July 2014
SEX Unlimited Volume 4: Coming August 2014



This book may burn up your kindle! My kindle is acting a little funny today!

I had the opportunity to read an ARC of this book and I am blown away (wink, wink).  Brisban and Candace are H-O-T together.

As an avid read, I read at least 3-4 books a week, and have ready PLENTY of erotic novels.  We all need a little fun in our lives and reading about Caroline and Brisban did that for me. You may even need to put the book down half way through and "discuss" it with your partner, husband or maybe even yourself.

Brisban, "I want a woman.  Not a girl. I'm very much a man and I want a woman to pleasure and to pleasure me...I want to be the first man in a long time who makes you scream out in orgasm."

This is a series and a quick read, (which isn't my favorite, but I knew that going in) but no worries, Kathryn will be releasing Volume 2 in July. Seriously looking forward to seeing how Kathryn can possibly make this even hotter.

(Sorry for the overuse of "!" in this post, but they are necessary!)


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