Friday, May 20, 2016

Anna Brooks----amazing author.

I have recently discovered the author Anna Brooks. I am stoked she is going to the Passions in Portland signing in September and I will get to meet her. Upon discovering her I have read all of her It's Kind of Personal books. Which include:

~Make Me Forget
~Show Me How
~Prove Me Right
~Tell Me How
~Remember Me Now

They are all amazing works of art. This author is truly talented and knows how to write a great story. I have been so busy with trying to figure out how to do reviews of them without spoilers. It is hard. I still haven't posted my reviews and I feel bad for that. Since, I am still struggling with writing them I wanted to share with you all what an amazing author she is. These are a series but could read as standalones. I don't recommend the standalone part as each book has parts or reveals information from the others. She has a way with writing that just makes you want to keep going and you fall for all the guys in her books. I have never been so torn between "lovers" as I have with her books. I have found myself going "Oh my god oh my god" or even being pissed. My emotions really come out as I read her books. I fully believe everyone should.

Below is the link to her Amazon Author go there and one click ever single book she has out for sale.

Anna Brooks on Amazon

That is all for our raving on Anna Brooks from End of Story, Next Book.

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