All books will be reviewed on a 5 shooting stars scale. There will be no half stars. Here is how each point scale is viewed.

1 shooting star.

This book is NOT recommended. All of the following happened:
  • The story is everywhere
  • you don't connect with characters
  • can't picture it in your head
  • writing style is lacking. 
  • This book was NOT finished, I just could not get into it.

2 shooting stars.

This book is IFFY on recommendation. At least 3 of things happened:
  • Story not consistent
  • Couldn't connect to more then one of the characters
  • Hard to imagine yourself in their place
  • Writing style not very well put together
  • Forced myself to finish it

3 shooting stars.
This book recommendation is based on your genre liking. At least 2 of the things happened:
  • Not my type of story
  • Written in 3rd person
  • Took FOREVER to get into
  • Felt it could have ended sooner

4 shooting stars.

 I would recommend this book. Only 1 of the following happened:
  • Not my genre preference
  • Took a bit to get into
  • Ended in a way I felt could have been done better

5 shooting stars.
 HIGHLY recommended. It was done absolutely perfectly. I was able to:
  • picture everything as if I was there
  • get inside the main characters head
  • feel what the characters were feeling
  • get mad when what I wanted to happen didn't happen or took to long to happen