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All reviews and promotions done on End of Story, Next Book are done by one person, Lesa.

I am a stay at home mommy to special boys, a 5 year old and infant. I also sell Usborne Books and More on the side. Those are primarily childrens books.  I love to read and I have always loved to read. Bookstores are my candy store. I believe everyone should have an escape from reality and reading is the perfect place to do it.

I will read ALMOST anything but I mainly stick to all kinds of romance. My go to, one-click authors are Kandi Steiner, Cassie Graham, AJ Nuest, AJ Harmon, Amber Lacie, BB Easton, Anie Michaels and many, many more.

When I am not taking care of my children or reading I can usually be found in the kitchen as cooking/baking is another passion of mine.

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