Monday, September 20, 2010


Okay so for some reason my fall giveaway post is showing even though I set it to be posted on the 22nd so I deleted it and will repost it so if you did enter already you will have to re-enter I have making changes to it and don't want you to miss your chance at anything. Sorry for anyone who has already entered it but trust me you want you chance at as many points as possible right?

Another thing, I have decided to do away with the Book Review of the Week. I am really busy with work and have my classes starting up here on the 27th thus making time to be able to pick a winner and post it will be harder and harder so there is no more Book Review of the Week. Sorry guys. I may bring it back it in the future but for right now there is no more of it.

Also, my Take Me There giveaway which is posted about on Black Fingernailed Reviews only has 3 entires be sure to click here to read all about it and enter it.

My 100+ follower giveaway is also still open so be sure to enter. Remember just if you are a US resident you can enter both parts of the giveaway. Only International is limited to one part.
CLICK HERE to be directed to that post. The giveaway has also been extended as well.

You will also notice that I will be slowing down on my reading once school starts. I hope to still read at least a book week but with work and school I am not sure how that will work.

I have also added a new page in which if you have any book suggestions or recommendations you can submit there using the form.

I think I covered everything. Oh and I have updated my waiting list page.

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  1. +1 Aurora Momcilovich
    +1 I have checked out all the fall giveaway blogs!

    BONUS Points
    +1 I Follow your blog
    +1 I Follow you on Twitter
    +1 Submit a book suggestion or Recommendation
    Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens
    +1 I Follow you through Networked Blogs
    +1 I left a comment on one of your Book Reviews
    Hush Hush
    Love these giveaways! Thanks for hosting ♥


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