Sunday, September 26, 2010


I decided to log on and see how my book suggestions form was going and let me tell you I have gotten a lot of great suggestions. A few books I have already read before I started this blog but that is okay.

Also, I noticed I have over 200 followers now. The last time I logged in I had 138 followers so that was quite a shock for me. I am almost done with my current book and will be posting that review rather soon.


100+ Follower giveaway--I have extended this giveaway, again because I have over 200 followers now and wanted to do a giveaway for that but just can not afford that many giveaway's at once. REMEMBER THIS GIVEAWAY HAS 2 SEPARATE GIVEAWAYS IN IT. Only one though it international.

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  1. Don'tIt's not banned, but people are fighting to have it pulled from school curriculums and off public school library shelves. You must have hit the wrong blogs to not know about this He's a management proffesor at Missouri State University. I only remember one rape scene and I just read the book and it was so clean. Him calling it "soft porn" according to Michelle Lee who writes against him suggests that the fact he calls it that means he gets off on the rape scene. You can look his name up on Google and see what others say against him. know if you got my reply about Speak your blog is set to no reply for email and google won't let me just email you without typing in your address.

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