Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
Hardcover, 400 pages
Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
October 2009

Patch's eyes were black orbs. Taking in everything and giving away nothing. Not that I wanted to know more about Patch. Since I hadn't liked what I'd seen on the surface, I doubted I'd like what was lurking deep inside.
Only, this wasn't exactly true. I'd liked a lot of what I'd seen. Long, lean muscles down his arms, broad but relaxed shoulders, and a smile that was part playful, part seductive. I was in an uneasy alliance with myself, trying to ignore what had started feel irresistible.
A sacred oath.
A fallen angel.
A forbidden love.

I heard a few of my friends talking about this book so I decided I wanted to read it. This book had me from the first page to last page. I was very intrigued by Patch, although he does come off as a jackass. Patch just has that bad boy attitude that attracts girls to him, and boy let me tell you I was drawn to him. I could not but help myself in feeling the feelings Nora felt. I have yet another fictional character to add to my list of characters I fell in love with.
Being told another book is going to be put out as well just intrigued me even more. I thought it was ended perfectly fine but another book of Patch is fine by me.
This book is about different kinds of angels. I decided after hearing about these "fallen angels" I wanted to do a google search on it. I found out the same exact information the book gives you. A fallen angel is an angel who has been banished from heaven and stripped of their wings. Everything in the book about fallen angels is 100% true, I wasn't doubting it I was just trying to find more information on it but I found only the information Becca provided in her book.
I will sleep tonight and dream that I have a HOT bad boy angel as my boyfriend :) I wish I would have taken my time with the book but with Patch it seems as those he wasn't just getting into Nora's mind he was getting into mine as well and telling me to read more.
I absolutely can not wait to see where Becca takes Patch and Nora next. For this being her first novel I have to say she did an absolutely fabulous job.


  1. Ah, okay now I really love your blog haha! I love Hush, Hush hehe! Nothing about it I disliked hehe!

  2. No kidding, nothing I disliked about it. I'm ready for more Patch.

  3. I really liked this book too! And Patch is so dark, dangerous, sweet, protective, oh and we cant forget smolderingly sexy! right?

  4. What a great story...The first where an angel (or was) turns out to be soooooooooooo hot! Love patch!


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