Monday, July 26, 2010

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles
Paperback, 368 pages
Walker & Company
December 2008

At Fairfield High, everyone knows that south siders and north siders aren’t exactly compatible elements. So when cheerleader Brittany Ellis and gang member Alex Fuentes are forced to be lab partners, the results are bound to be explosive.

Neither teen is prepared for the most surprising chemical reaction of all – love. Can they break through the stereotypes and misconceptions that threaten to keep them apart?

'Bad Boy' + 'Good Girl' = Perfect Chemistry


This book is a forbidden love story. Like most forbidden love story's Perfect Chemistry had me from beginning to end. The way Simone wrote this book is the way, I believe all forbidden love type stories should be written. It is not written strictly in just one of the characters point of view instead each chapter goes back and forth between Alex and Brittany. I really loved how it did that. To me it gave me the feeling of what was going through each characters brain about the other character. You can truly feel their relationship evolve. I read this book in one day because I could not put it down. You can really feel the "chemistry" between the characters as it develops. From Alex writing on Brittany's paper "Saturday night. You and Me. Driving lessons and hot sex.." to Brittany really letting her fake image down and letting Alex see the real her.

I personally believe that this is not just a forbidden love story it is a story about how it doesn't matter about your outer appearance or who you display yourself as deep down inside we are all the same. The way Simone pulled off the layers of Brittany and Alex as they opened up to each other was not rushed. I feel it was done as realistically as it would have been in reality. There are very few books at there where the forbidden love story can be something you see in everyday life but Perfect Chemistry is something I can see happening between two people in real life.

I am disappointed that the sequel is not really about Alex and Brittany but I still look forward to reading about Alex's brother and his forbidden love. If you are someone who likes forbidden love stories then this book is really something you should pick up and read. The only thing I wish this book had was like a glossary in the back that tells what all the Spanish in the book means. I still don't know what some of it means but I still made it through the book and enjoyed every bit of it.


  1. Amazing review.

    I LOVE Perfect Chemistry. I loved how we got to see inside Brittney and Alex's head. It made the story that much more amazing.

    I'm sad the squeal doesn't have to do with Alex or Brittney either... but I hear they make appearances :)

  2. They make appearances? Yay, that makes me even more excited to read the next one. I truly did love getting into both of their heads. Most romance types book don't do that and you always wonder what the other is thinking. That's what really made this book so hard to put down.

  3. I'm with you, I love the way the story is written and I wanna read the second book in the series.


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