Thursday, October 1, 2015

Review: Shadows by Amber Lacie

Shadows by Amber Lacie
Kindle, Self published
September 5, 2015
213 Pages

Eve was content getting lost in her books, while living with her best friends. She’s a beautiful girl surrounded by her friends and family. In her twenty six years of life, nothing exciting has ever happened to her. Everything is going perfectly for her. Little does she know, one summer at the beach could change her life forever. . .

Theron is the son of a cutthroat multi-billionaire business tycoon. He thought he left behind the world his father created, but things change. Now, he’s devoted himself to his eccentric grandma. His only hope at overcoming his past, is finding the one person he lost so very long ago. . .

When Eve bumps into Theron, their worlds collide. Nothing can prepare them for the instant fireworks and roller coaster ride waiting for them.
But. . . One has a secret. Can their love overcome tragedy, lies, and secrets?


Where do I begin? Well, first how about this an amazing debut novel for Amber Lacie. Her characters were developed nicely and easy to relate to. Feeling the pain Eve went through that one fateful night. Feeling the horror she had to be feeling witnessing that crime. Feeling the passion she had with Theron. It is all there, including the hot sex.

This novel will have you hating characters just as much as you love other characters, You will blush for some scenes and yelling at the characters in others. This an emotionally well built novel. It has everything a good romance story needs: secrets, drama, characters to hate, and a TWIST!!!! This novel will leave you on the edge of your seats, begging for more when you finish it.

Well done, Amber Lacie, Well done.

5/5 rating

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