Thursday, October 13, 2016

#STEINHART Release Day Reviews:::Tonic by Staci Hart and A Love Letter to Whiskey by Kandi Steiner

                                                         #STEINHART RELEASE DAY!!!!
Congrats to the besties Kandi Steiner and Staci Hart on their besties release.

  Where do I begin for A Love Letter to Whiskey? It is an amazing book. With each page you turn you fall more and more into the drunken haze of Whiskey (Jamie). I absolutely loved how each chapter is titled with something pertaining to whiskey. I loved how you raw the emotions from B felt about Jamie. This was by far a gut wrenching story. I have never been so emotionally invested into a story like I got into this one. Kandi truly did a phenomenal job with this storyline. I had a Whiskey hangover for days. I got drunk off Whiskey just as much as B did. :)

   I love all books by Staci Hart but Tonic now takes the spot for my all time favorite book of her's. Annika and Joel are by far the most perfectly paired couple. I loved how you felt all the sexual tension between. I absolutely loved how Staci had tied in the bar Habits and Patrick from the Bad Habits series. That to me made the story come so much more to life. You do not need to read the Bad Habits series AT ALL to read Tonic. You should read them but Tonic is a story of its own. I have this undeniable urge for a tattoo now. I loved how the setting of the storyline was a reality tv show. What can I say I'm sucker for reality tv. Great job Staci :)

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