Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Come Sundown

Come Sundown by Chelsea Landon -Island Sun Series Book 1
Self Published by Chelsea Landon
May 27, 2014
Kindle Edition
Approximately 203 pages
Coming of Age

Erin Evans is the kind of girl no guy wants to be in a relationship with. She’s controlling and never backs down when she thinks she’s right.
Knowing this, and rightfully fearing her last few years in her twenties will be like the last five, she looks for some adventure.
That’s when her best friend convinces her to go on vacation with her to the Bahamas.
On the land of white sand, coconut rum, and a cloudless sky, what she never expects is to meet Tyler Weston, a local bartender with a sweet tongue for the pretty girls. He’s tattooed, entertaining, and living the dream in paradise as he sets her drinks and her world on fire.
As the moon lights the city, Erin unexpectedly becomes infatuated with Tyler and his bartending skills when he offers her the challenge of trying his Black Magic drink her first night on Paradise Island.
Hoping to get some more alone time with Tyler, she sets out on a mission to try every drink on the menu while on vacation. And after one night and one Black Magic drink, both of which she can barely remember, results into two weeks of exciting possibilities she never saw coming.
Can Erin put aside her cynical side and let the dirty-mouthed bartender show her what island life and love are really like?


What a sweet love story.  Not too much angst but not all love stories need angst. So many books out today are the same angsty love affairs that make me want to scream! This book is NOT one of those books.

Erin has hit a bump in the road.  Finding the man of her dreams isn't working out the way she would have hoped.  She's a bit controlling and no man is interested in that.  She has the opportunity to go on vacation with her BFF and her new fiancee.  Not exactly what I want to do when trying to get out of a depression but her best friend wants to help her.

Once in paradise Erin stumbles into an island bar and within moments, knows that Tyler will change her life forever. He's the laid back "island boy" and she's the uptight, list writing, OCD "city girl". But like they say, opposite's attract and this book is the classic example of that.  Watching their relationship grow in just 11 days is sometimes not believable in books, but Chelsea's writing makes you a believer in love at first sight!

Tyler, "We are all going to die someday.  That doesn't matter.  How you live matters. It's making it worth it."

Erin has a few issues to deal with, as does Tyler, which makes this a sweet love story.  It's not all sweet, there is some VERY VERY steamy love scenes in this book.  You will never look at a headboard in a hotel room again the same way!

The fact that Chelsea has both points of view in the book made it even better.  Getting inside both Erin and Tyler's head, made the characters more "real" for me.  It made me feel what they were feeling which is such an important part of reading for me.

At times the book was predictable but Tyler and Erin's story took a few twists and turns that kept me reading and falling in love with Tyler along with Erin.

With each chapter there is a drink's a perfect book for the summer! After reading this book, I want to go to a tropical island and have some drinks!


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