Monday, January 17, 2011

Woohoo this makes post 100

I have finally caught up all my book reviews and they are posted. I am currently not reading anything because I am going through my to be read list and trying to find one that screams "READ ME NOW." Of course, I will read them all but as most of you know which you read first depends on your mood and what catches your attention.

Excited to be planning a trip to Powell's bookstore with two of my good friends to get some more books. So I am looking for suggestion on books to get. I do have my own book wishlist but I always love hearing what books people think I will like based on books I have read in the past. So feel free to comment and give suggestions.

Also you may have noticed my reviews font wise are not the same I can not figure out why it won't let me adjust my font the way I usually do.

PS this post seriously makes post 100 for me. hehe.

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