Sunday, November 2, 2014


In PLAY ME WILD.  We meet Sebastian and Aria.  Two people who have been dealt lives that they are just trying to get by with.  Aria has a secret past and Sebastian has returned to Las Vegas because his father is sick.  He doesn't want to be there, not until he meets Aria.  Sebastian is the acting CEO of a casino and Aria is a high roller cocktail waitress.I can only imagine the heat that will happen between these two when they finally give in to their attraction. 

Tracy Wolff wasn't joking when she titled this book PLAY ME HOT. This book has one of the most intense and HOT scenes I have ever read! As expected, Sebastian and Aria generate some serious smoke when they get together.  But can Sebastian get Aria to give in to him and his desires is what I am wondering! Bring on book 3!

PLAY ME HARD. In this book, we find that Sebastian is really a good guy but will Aria figure that out too?  You will also begin to understand a little of why Sebastian is the way he is...we begin to hear about his secret and it will have your jaw dropping in amazement!  I know when I read it, I began to scream at my kindle..."WHAT"... "NO WAY"

PLAY ME REAL, is exactly as it's titled...REAL.  I loved seeing Aria come into her own, ask for what she wants.  I also loved seeing Sebastian share his secret with Aria...finally.  But can Aria overlook Sebastian's needs and desires? 

PLAY WITH ME RIGHT is such a great ending to this collection of novellas. We learn all the secrets they both have and how and if they can move forward. It's also amazing to see that unbeknownst  to each other their pasts have crossed. 

I didn't really mention (except for book 2), but this entire series is HOT with a little bit of BDSM mixed in.  It's not all about sex but when they have it, holy moly, it's good!! It's not the rich multi-millionaire meets the cocktail waitress story that you might think it is, there is so much more. 

These books are due to release on 12/2/14
Published by Random House - Loveswept

ARC's were provided via Netgalley for an honest review. 

Rating: 4/5 stars.

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