Tuesday, March 24, 2015

COVER REVEAL:: Complicated by Ghiselle St. James

Author: Ghiselle St. James

Title: Complicated: A Tainted Love Novella

Genre: Erotic Romance

Seven years ago, a secret had torn them apart, but their love always pulled them back together. Things have taken a turn for the worst, and once again, circumstances have brought them together. Can Rachel continue to hide behind her past, or will she stop running from the one man she would love forever? Can Marshall get his girl back, or will it always be a complicated cycle of make ups and break ups?

I stretch my limbs, sore in all the right places. I stare at the hickies dotting my torso and breasts, the bruises along my hips where Marshall dug his fingers, and the wetness between my thighs. I squeeze my legs together at the building need. Last night was…
“Fuck, you feel good, Rachel,” Marshall moaned.
“Oh, God, Marshall, fuck me hard!” I screamed, going out of my mind with pleasure.
“Jesus Christ, you’re fucking loud,” Marshall commented, driving into me deeper and harder, making my core gush all over his hard cock.
“Then stop fucking me so good!” I half-moaned, half-demanded on a particularly expert thrust.
“Want me to gag you? I’ll fucking gag that dirty fucking mouth, Rae,” he warned, sinking his teeth into my shoulder, causing me to cry out in ecstasy.
“I fucking dare you, asshole,” I goaded him, thrusting my hands into his dark hair and pulling hard.
“I’ll shove my cock deep down your throat to shut you up,” he threatened, making my pussy tighten in delight.
“And I’d love it,” I challenged, hoping he’d take the bait.
I smile. It’s all I can do. I had Marshall again and it was explosive, as it always is between us; but more than that, we connected again. I turn on my side and gaze at his sleeping form, trailing my finger along his bicep. His hair is a mess, there are scratches down his back, and hickies on his collarbone that continue down his chest to his hips.
I was with him and it felt like old times, like we had no care in the world. It was just me and him, bodies melding, hearts binding, souls entwining. For a moment, it was impossible to tell where I ended and he began. We existed in each other and in that moment we were one. Nothing else mattered. It was just us and the love we still had for each other in spite of all that happened between us.

Ghiselle St. James is a Jamaican author who has a never-ending love for written thoughts: poetry, song lyrics and fiction. A songwriter by the age of 9, Ghiselle enjoys singing just as much as she loves writing. She has been writing erotic novels since she was 13 years old. Never mind that they went unpublished; she had something inside her that wanted to break free…and it helped that it made her popular with the boys (hehe). Writing has been her outlet for most of her life, and will continue to be.

Ghiselle lives in Jamaica with her husband, Chris, and her handsome baby, Panthro the cat. She works full time but always makes time for music, writing, reading and chatting on Goodreads.

Ugh, I hate talking about myself in the third person.

I went to the Jamaica Theological Seminary (haha, yes!) where I studied Social Work and graduated with honors in June 2010. Since then, the writer in me has reawakened and hasn’t gone to sleep. I completed my first novel in January of 2013 which led me into writing my debut novel South Row in March 2014.

I pray my passion brings you as much joy as it has brought me.

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