Sunday, August 22, 2010

Book Review of the Week(3)

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Nominated by: Sharyla from Bookish Wonderland
and her review on
DRACULA IN LOVE by Karen Essex

Why did Sharyla nominate this review??:
"I think this is a great, honest review of a book that looks great. I think what really draws me to the review is that I would never think to pick up this type of book, but the review portrays it to be such a great book that I even entered a contest to win a free copy."

Dracula in Love. A must read for everyone

I am back! Well, I have been home for a week, but the pain has kept me from the computer. I tried last week to catch up with those of you who I follow, but the pain stopped me from commenting and fully participating in the blogging world. I am hopeful by the end of this week I will back to my normal self.
I did manage to finish a few books while recuperating. I have a small pile of books waiting to be reviewed, this being my favorite. Dracula in Love by Karen Essex was one of those surprise gems we reviewers find once in a great while. Books like this are why I take the time to review books, really it why I keep reading. So here it is dear Reader, my first review since my surgery.

Before I begin I must make it clear that I received this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review. I found this title on Shelf Awareness and want to thank Karen Essex for sending it to me.
On the back of the book one review reads “if you read only one more vampire novel, let it be this one”. I say if you read only one more literary novel, let it be this one. Dracula in love is a masterpiece .Not only does it turn the classic tale on its head, at times it reads much better than the original. This is more than a love story, more than a vampire tale; it is a realistic look into the attitudes and social norms of Victorian.......TO READ MORE CLICK HERE

She is also having a giveaway for this book be sure to check that out as well



  1. Thank you Sharyla for nominating me, and Lesa thanks for hosting this contest.
    Because the author Karen Essex was so kind to me about my review I am hosting a giveaway contest on my blog. All you have to do if follow me or 'Like" the Facebook page for DIL.

    Lesa, thanks again!


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