Saturday, August 28, 2010

coming this Tuesday is my 100+ follower Giveaway!

This past Follow Friday put me over 100 followers. So this Tuesday I will be posting my 100+ follower giveaway since I don't work that day. Be sure to keep your eyes open on Tuesday. Tell your friends but make sure they know it is a FOLLOWER only giveaway. So you must be following me. I will check. I'm going to have two different set(s) of prize(s) one will be international and one will be US only. So 2 people can win. Check back Tuesday to see what's up for grabs.


  1. Awesome news being over 100 followers!! And, I just awarded you on my blog, AND you were showcased from last weeks Blog it Forward :D

  2. Grats on 100+ followers! I look forward to the giveaway! :]

  3. Yeah! Congrats on the 100+ followers.

  4. I wanna win!!! :) yay i'm finally following you!


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